Autopsy report

We’ve gotten a couple voicemails from a social worker who works for the state of Maryland. I hadn’t called her back because in one message she referred to Luke as “her” and in another she said she’d called on Aug. 17. Since we didn’t find out Luke was dead until Aug. 20, I thought that was interesting.

Anyway, the hospital didn’t send us home with anything about the autopsy—when to expect results, what to expect, who to call with questions. It’s been 4.5 weeks and we haven’t heard a peep. So I decided to call the social worker this morning and ask her what she knows.

She said she’d call the University of Maryland Center for Infant and Child Loss and find out what they know about the status of the autopsy. She said it usually takes 8-12 weeks. Will something be mailed to us? I asked. Usually it’s just a phone call, she replied. I told her we’d want a copy of any written documentation. I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be anything written. It seems crazy that your full-term baby can die inside of you, and all you get is a phone call.

So that’s where it stands now. She’s going to see if she can find out the status and let them know we want a copy of anything written.


2 thoughts on “Autopsy report

  1. I’m in the UK so it may be different but we had a meeting with our consultant to go over the results of the post-mortem and we also got a copy of the very detailed report. It took 9 weeks and that was with us chasing them to do it ASAP.


  2. That sounds like a dream and I don’t see that happening here. Maybe I’m pessimistic these days, but it sounds like it will be a battle just to get anything written. We shall see! I’m glad you were able to get some answers; I hope it has helped.


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